Welcome to Abundant Community Copperfield Mahogany (ACCM)

Supporting and showcasing neighbourliness…

Across the world, cities and communities are recognizing the importance and need for caring and connected neighbourhood life. We are rediscovering that it takes a village to do more than raise a child. It is the key to a satisfying life. It turns out we need our neighbours and a community to be healthy, produce jobs, protect the land and care for the elderly and those on the margin. There is a shift in our collective consciousness to see again the beauty and power of life lived well in the local. ACCM has been started as an initiative to align with and propel this movement forward. We are not trying to formalize the neighbouring relationship but simply help support those doing the important work of creating real communities of care in their neighbourhoods and on their blocks.


A healthy initiative supporting the development of a culture of connection and care (neighbourliness) in the neighbourhoods of Copperfield and Mahogany.


Create a network of 100+ block connectors committed to growing connection on their block
and inviting their neighbours to participate and contribute to the local life of their block and


  1. Encourage block connection by identifying, recruiting and supporting a network of block
    connectors (party planners, point people, listeners)
  2. Discover neighbourhood vision and gifts by equipping block connectors to discover the vision and gifts their neighbours carry (Asset Based Community Development).
  3. Share stories of neighbourliness and encourage residents to see the potential that is their neighbours and neighbourhood

Questions? Contact our Support Team at accm@cmcommunity.ca.