Block Connector Profile: Dawn McKay

Dawn is certainly a bright spot on our street! She is a connector of neighbours in every sense of the word. The wine is always chilling at Dawn’s house, the conversation is always lively, and if you are very lucky, fresh cookies are on offer! Dawn was among the first residents of our street, and knows almost everyone on the block by name. 

With an extensive career in journalism and marketing, Dawn has her finger on the heartbeat of Calgary, and is a wonderful source of knowledge on all things political and social in the city. She connects our neighbourhood to the greater city. She is a volunteer with “Made by Momma” and an advocate of underserved young families in Calgary. Though her own kids are grown up, Dawn has beautiful relationships with several neighbour kids, and they see her as extended family. 

Dawn is a volunteer with the Mahogany HOA, thereby lending her talents to communications. Her passion is to help others see what a beautiful community we live in. She is quick to see the assets in our community. Dawn was awarded ‘volunteer of the month’ by the HOA last summer, a well deserved recognition for this hard worker.

Dawn is enthusiastically involved in all neighbourhood events, including the annual block party and ladies nights. She is always the life of the party and her infectious laugh and inclusive attitude draw others to her. She simply connects people to one another.

Dawn is just the kind of neighbour everyone wishes for. She kindly made and delivered delicious soups and treats to my door during a recent illness. And it was her vigilance that discovered a break-in at a neighbour’s home while the occupants were on vacation. She is quick to introduce herself to new neighbours on the street and then to build bridges between residents. She is tuned in to the needs of others, and gives generously of her time and talents. 

Dawn is a beautiful person who gives back and lives life with an infectious joy. She is an asset to Mahogany, and I am so grateful to have her as my friend and neighbour. 

by Catherine Taubensee

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