Distanced Neighbouring

Ideas for keeping your block connected during a summer of social distancing.

The 6ft Circle — Early April 2020

Socially distanced neighbouring ideas:

  1. The 6ft Circle
  2. Virtual Games Night
  3. Distanced Dance-off
  4. Purposeful Pots n’ Pans
  5. The Wide Wilson
  6. Organized Kindness
  7. Mosaic of Murals
  8. Front Gardens
  9. Scavenger Hunts
  10. Neighbour Ninjaing

Each of these ideas will become a post that will further explain it and show some of your neighbours participating in it!

Our world is different and there is plenty to lament … yet there are gifts to be found as well and with some thoughtful attentiveness, our neighbours and neighbourhoods will reveal treasures we haven’t been able to see until now.

Have an awesome idea for your block!?! We would love to hear about it and add it to the list!

Please email accm@cmcommunity.ca