Our initiative has been very well supported by various individuals, organizations and businesses.



Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE) – Our initiative has been built off of the hard work of the Edmonton model. We are grateful for their creativity and generosity that provided the courage for us to start this work!

Copperfield-Mahogany Community Association (CMCA) – We are a sub-committee of the CMCA. Their support has allowed us to pursue funding and then hire a Neighbourhood Connector.

Mahogany Homeowners Association (MHOA) – We are a sub-committee of the MHOA Volunteer Committee. They are committed to partnering with ACCM for the long haul.

City of Calgary – We were the recipients of funding through the This is My Neighbourhood engagement program.

Province of Alberta – We were the recipients of funding though the CIP Project Based grant.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) – We are supported by AHS and a member of their organization sits on our Support Team. We are also a registered coalition with AHS.

Calgary Police Service (CPS) – Our local Community Resource Officer, Anthony Thompson, is a BIG fan of neighbours working together and is excited to see our initiative grow.


Nicole Marr – Nicole is a VP with the CMCA and was there at the beginning of ACCM taking root in 2018. Her support of the intiative was comprehensive and we would not be nearly as far along without her.

Sarah Papineau – Sarah was our Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator with the City of Calgary as ACCM was starting up in 2018. She connected us with resources and advocated for support for us through This Is My Neighbourhood that ran in Copperfield & Mahogany in 2018.