We’re Hiring

Across the world, cities and communities are recognizing the importance and need for a caring and connected neighbourhood life. We are rediscovering that it takes a village to do more than raise a child. We need our neighbours and community to be invested in everyone’s well being. Abundant Community Copperfield-Mahogany (ACCM) has been started as an initiative to align with and propel this movement forward. We are not trying to formalize the neighbouring relationship but simply help support those doing the important work of creating real communities of care in their neighbourhoods and on their blocks.

The Copperfield Mahogany Community Association (CMCA), is looking to hire a Neighbourhood Connector (NC) for Abundant Community Copperfield-Mahogany (ACCM). ACCM is built on the framework of Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE). We strongly encourage all applicants to familiarize themselves with ACE by visiting the link provided, watching the video on that website and reading the Neighbourhood Leadership & Neighbourhood Connector Resource Guide.

Neighbourhood Connector

Your primary role as the Neighbourhood Connector is to identify and support Block Connectors. While this is a straightforward and exciting role, it can also be very challenging.

As a Neighbourhood Connector you will need:

  • Passion for neighbouring;
  • Leadership ability to enlist, direct and motivate Block Connectors to connect with their neighbours;
  • Tenacity and organizational skills to engage all blocks in the neighbourhood;
  • Openness to engage all kinds of neighbours;
  • Hospitality to convene the Block Connectors for encouragement and “team support”;
  • Teaching ability to coach Block Connectors in connecting with neighbours;
  • Determination and patience to work with varying levels of ability and commitment among Block Connectors;
  • Communication skills to correspond with Block Connectors, the Support Team and Neighbourhood Leadership.

Neighbourhood Connector Tasks

Your mission is to create a network of block connectors, who are committed to growing connection on their block.  How each Neighbourhood Connector goes about that will vary. There are some universal tasks that we want our Neighbourhood Connector to accomplish for our initiative.

  • Identify block connectors,
  • Recruit block connectors,
  • Support block connectors,
  • Discover neighbourhood vision and gifts,
  • Share stories of neighbourliness.

Please be prepared to tell us how you might go about accomplishing these tasks as a  Neighbourhood Connector!

Other qualifications that would be an asset to your application:

  • Residence in either Mahogany or Copperfield,
  • Understanding of Asset Based Community Development,
  • Experience writing grants,
  • Marketing experience,
  • Database management experience,
  • Proficiency with Windows or Mac operating systems, Internet and social networks, video editing, and an understanding of modern technology and its applications.

This is a part-time / contract position. The contract runs for one year after the date of being hired. Successful applicants will receive a phone interview with the possibility of second interview with members of the ACCM Support Team and CMCA Executive.
Apply by email only by sending your resume and cover letter to info@cmcommunity.ca.